Motorcycle Camera: The Best Biker Cam System on the MarketCharge While Recording, Auto-Stop & Start with Engine, Light-Weight, Low Profile,
​Wide Field-of-View, No Fish-eye Distortion

  • BikerCam System Motorcycle Video
  • 1080p Full-HD Super-Sharp Video & Audio Camera 
  • Auto-Start & Stop Recording at Ignition & Shutdown
  • Continuous Charging While Recording. When using the Charge & Record feature, the included adapter is safe for your camera. If you use your own, it must be at least 2 Amp or you will damage your camera.​
  • High-Dynamic Sensor - Great for Low-Light Night Riding
  • Wide-Angle Lens Without Fish-Eye Effect
  • Looped Recording Overwrites Older Files (With 64GB Card, 7.5 Hours of New Video before overwriting!)
  • 2+ Hrs. 1080p Recording on Battery (Lithium Rechargeable)
  • 32-64 GB Memory cards recommended (Sold Here)
  • Switchable Time & Date stamp on video.
  • Patented 8-Direction Mounting System
  • Camera Weight & Size: 1.9 oz (54 g), 2.9 X 1 X 1 Inches
  • Not Included: Memory Cards