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2020 GunCam ® for Clays
Brand-New Features for 2020:

 • Full-HD 1080p in 60FPS or Quad-HD
• Multiple Reticle Options with Calibration
• Special Lens for Clays & Hunting with 4X Digital Zoom
• Slow-mo Playback to iOS & Android. PC & Mac
• Great Video & Sound Recording
• Built-in Wi-Fi Streaming & Playback to iOS & Android
• One-Button Operation. Tap to Pause & Resume
• 2.5 Hrs Recording on Internal Lithium Battery
• Can use up to 256GB Cards, Holding up to 24 Hrs. of Video
• Charge While Recording with Optional Power Bank.
• Includes Mounting for all 12, 20 & 28 Gauge Shotguns
• ​Shock & Weather Resistant. Reliable & Rugged
Wi-Fi Streaming is a big plus for shooters who can play back their shots immediately on their phones or tablets without leaving the field. This allows them to correct any mistakes they discover, right there on the range.

Available Now for 350.00 Euro  

Memory cards are not included.

NEW 2020 Model GunCam ® for Clays and Hunting

GunCam ® for Hunting